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2 Car Trash Bags & 2 Headrest Hooks-Purse,Backpack,Handbags,Grocery Bags Hanger+Free Bottle Holders-Hanging Garbage Can-Waste Container-Front-Back Seat Storage Organizer-Truck-SUV


Organize your back seat clutter, floor and leg room with these universal backseat headrest hooks that will instantly convert the back of your car seats into a great storage space for hanging your Groceries, Jackets, Suits, Umbrella, Handbags, Water Bottles, Kids Toys, Baby Supplies and other stuff.They are made from reinforced plastic that makes them stronger than competing brands and can hold up to 18 lb.


Our leakproof car travelling bag made of premium leak proof material incomparable to what you’d find in competing brands. It measures 15' x 7' and it is perfect to put all car garbage or store some kids or pets stuff. A Velcro bottom makes emptying it fast and convenient.The cloth trash bag is washable and more environment-friendly than plastic cans.


Professionally designed our hangers for purse are known as the best purse hooks on the market due to unique deep hook area that easily holds both wide straps of your purse handles.What's more it can easily swing around so it can be used for the front or back of the seat.They are usable in most SUV, vans, jeeps, trucks and any other type of car. Installing our purse holder is as simple as ABC. Easy hook it to the headrest post and you are good to go.


Our car waste containers and seat head rest hooks make for a great gift idea for a friend, loved one or anyone with a car. It is one of the most functional car travel accessories for women as it can be used as a purse hanger and garbage holder.They also come with a FREE BONUS bottle holder that latches onto the hanger to hold water bottles firmly and securely.

B-comfort Storage and Trash Bags and Headrest Hooks Make Your Life Easier

Keeps Your Car Tidy 

It’s very embarrassing when you can’t find a trash bin with trashes in hand. Our garbage bag can really solve this awkward problem for you. Say goodbye to plastic bags, becoming a member of green!. It is large enough to hold all the garbage you may have in your car, yet compact enough not to be a bother to passengers. The car garbage bag is designed to make cleaning easy for you. Simply open the Velcro strap at the bottom, empty the garbage bag, and re-install it.

Adds Functionality to Your Car

Do you always have some groceries to carry home, and are looking for a convenient way to hang them so they don’t spew their contents whenever you hit a bump? Or maybe you are looking for a convenient way to carry your handbag? B-Comfort car seat headrest hooks have you covered. They are designed with ultra-strong reinforced plastic and are made to hang from the support pillars of your car’s headrest. They are strong enough to hold up to 8 kilograms and will keep everything in order and in place till you get to your destination. What is more, these purse hanger and bag hook for car can fit most car brand available in the market.

Package includes:

2 trash bags and 2 headrest hooks